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Electrical Technology

The modern world is dependent on electrical technology, which is woven into every aspect of our lives. From powering our appliances and lighting our homes to enabling global communication and advancing healthcare, electricity is essential for progress. It drives efficient energy solutions, fuels scientific research, and connects people worldwide. Electricity is the silent force that shapes our daily lives and paves the way for a brighter future.

Programme Options

Thinking about a career in electrical work? Look no further than Zambia's Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) for their electrical training programs! They offer various levels to match your qualifications and career aspirations:

Craft Certificate in Electrical Technology:

  • Become a qualified electrician: Master advanced skills for complex electrical systems in buildings, industries, and more.

  • Requirements: Completed high school with at least 5 passes, including English, Mathematics, and Science.

  • Time Commitment: 2 years.

  • Cost: Around K29,400 total.

  • What you'll learn:

    • Installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems.

    • Blueprint reading and interpretation.

    • Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

    • Supervision and teamwork abilities.

Trade Test Level 1 in Electrical Installation:

  • Start your electrical journey: Gain essential skills for entry-level positions in basic electrical tasks.

  • Requirements: Completed high school with at least a pass in Science or Mathematics.

  • Time Commitment: 1 year.

  • Cost: Around K14,700 total.

  • What you'll learn:

    • Basic wiring techniques and procedures.

    • Electrical safety regulations and standards.

    • Installation, testing, and maintenance of basic electrical equipment.

Trade Test Level 2 in Electrical Installation (Optional):

  • Sharpen your skills: Get more hands-on experience and advance your electrical career prospects.

  • Requirements: Completed Grade 9.

  • Time Commitment: 6 months.

  • Cost: Around K9,800 total.

  • What you'll learn:

    • More advanced wiring techniques for diverse electrical applications.

    • Fault identification and troubleshooting methods.

    • Enhance your electrical knowledge and practical skills.

Trade Test Level 3 in Basic Electrical Wiring (Optional):

  • Take the first step: Learn fundamental electrical wiring skills with no prior qualifications required.

  • Requirements: Open to everyone!

  • Time Commitment: 3 months.

  • Cost: Around K4,900 total.

  • What you'll learn:

    • Basic wiring methods and practices.

    • Safe handling of electrical tools and equipment.

    • Gain foundational knowledge to begin your electrical journey.

All Levels Cover:

  • Essential workplace safety practices.

  • Understanding of electrical theory and principles.

  • Methods and materials for electrical installations.

  • Techniques for testing and troubleshooting electrical faults.

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