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Bricklaying & Masonry

Ever wonder how that epic library you hang out in got built? Or that sweet pizza place with the funky mural? Bricklayers and masons, my friend, are the silent superheroes behind those scenes! Forget boring office life, imagine the thrill of laying the first brick on a brand-new school, knowing you're shaping the future for kids. Or picture yourself restoring a historic building, breathing new life into its ancient brickwork. This isn't just about stacking blocks, it's about mastering a cool, hands-on skill that lets you see your handiwork everywhere you go. Plus, the construction industry is booming, offering stable careers and the chance to be your own boss! So, ditch the daydreams and grab a trowel. Your future, brick by epic brick, awaits!

Programme Options

Earn a TEVETA Certificate and gain valuable skills for exciting careers in Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and more!

Choose the course that's right for you:

Craft Certificate:

  • Master advanced skills: Build and maintain complex structures, lay paving, and undertake decorative masonry work.

  • Requirements: Full Grade 12 certificate with English, Math, and Science.

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Cost: K 4,900 per term (total: K 29,400)

  • Key tasks:

    • Lay various walling units.

    • Construct pavements, walkways, and driveways.

    • Interpret blueprints and calculate materials.

    • Build openings for windows, doors, and utilities.

    • Set out and ensure level, plumb courses.

    • Install fixtures.

    • Mix and use concrete for constructions.

    • Assemble, inspect, and use scaffolding.

    • Supervise other tradesmen.

Trade Test Level 1:

  • Learn the basics: Lay bricks and blocks, partition walls, and understand safety regulations.

  • Requirements: Grade 12 certificate with pass in Science or Math.

  • Duration: 1 year

  • Cost: K 4,900 per term (total: K 14,700)

  • Key tasks:

    • Lay bricks and blocks accurately.

    • Build partition walls under supervision.

    • Follow occupational health and safety guidelines.

    • Interpret basic construction drawings.

Trade Test Level 2:

  • Get practical experience: Gain essential skills for entry-level jobs.

  • Requirements: Grade 9 certificate.

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Cost: K 4,900 per term (total: K 9,800)

  • Key tasks:

    • Lay bricks and blocks in corners and curves.

    • Mix mortar and spread plaster.

    • Erect scaffolding safely.

    • Follow safety regulations.

Trade Test Level 3:

  • Start your journey: Learn basic bricklaying techniques with no prior education required.

  • Open entry: No qualifications needed!

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Cost: K 4,900

  • Key tasks:

    • Lay bricks and blocks accurately.

    • Mix mortar and ensure level structures.

    • Follow safety guidelines.

All courses cover:

  • Occupational health and safety practices.

  • Construction drawing and blueprint interpretation.

  • Material calculations and measurements.

Enroll today and build your future in bricklaying & masonry!

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