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Philosophy & History

The founding of Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades School is the result of 3 years of intensive research and in-depth interactions with the Zambian Industry, existing Trades Schools and students of various trades. The Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors underwent this initiative in conjunction with the Chamber of Skilled Crafts, Frankfurt (Germany). 


As a result, it was decided, that only a more holistic view on vocational training will improve the situation. That can only be achieved if industry demands are not compromised. Hence the initiative to start a new, in depended and industry lead school.


The Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (ABCEC) collaborates with the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt Rhine/Main in Germany since late 2017. The aim of that collaboration is to draw back industry into the vocational training activities and (re-)introduce dual vocational training components in Zambia.


Two trades were chosen for the pilot project: Electrical and Bricklaying / Formwork – 2-year craft certificates. For both trades it was intended to verify if a curriculum adjustment / update would be necessary and to building an interlinked training situation with industry.


As implementing partnership for the training concepts and activities, ABCEC initially chose the Thorn park Construction Training Centre, which was originally founded by ABCEC in the 90s. Over the course of time, it proved to be challenging to introduce all necessary changes into an existing organization.


Finally, it was decided by the Zambian Industry to found a new vocational training institution, where the learning’s of the pilot project could be implemented without compromise.


In October 2019 Fountain Gate Crafts & Trade School was incorporated as a non-for-profit vocational training institution. 

Our Process

Best Practice & Preparation

To be a “best-practice” trade school to showcase how efficient, quality technical and vocational training can be implemented and to properly prepare the students for their professional life in industry, the school will follow three guidelines to ensure that graduates have aquired a relevant and adequate skill set.


1. Industry


Industry simulation at the school will prepare the students in terms of environment and behavior.


2. Preparation

Practical training with many repetitions will teach the actual application of the skills.

3. Industry Attachments

Regular industry attachments, where possible, will provide context and also employment opportunities.

4. Boarding Facilities

Boarding facilities will ensure that students from all over Zambia will be able to attend the courses while lodging in an orderly and safe environment.

Bringing Industry back to formalized Initial Training through the initiator of the school, the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (ABCEC), Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades school stays in constant touch with industry, discussing challenges and opportunities with technical and vocational training.

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Building on a solid foundation.

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