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School & Campus

The new campus is currently in development along the Great East Road towards Chongwe. On a 6 ha area, different workshops, boarding facilities and complementing leisure facilities are in currently under construction. 

The boarding facilities are an integral part of the training concept for the 2-year Craft Certificate courses. The boarding facilities will allow students from all over the country to have access to the training. At the same time, the boarding school situation will allow a much better and holistic on the important part of personality building, especially the part of taking over responsibilities, being aware of action and consequences and team work.


Students that are seeking admission to the Craft Certificate Courses have to be aware that joining the boarding facilities is mandatory.


Polycare Womens Workshop

Polymer blocks are made of polymer concrete - a material that is four times as strong as conventional cement-based concrete.The geometry of the blocks gives them a smart shape and structure. One is able to build every building with five different blocks shapes.With a total of 5 blocks all straight wall configurations can be easily built in any geometry. 

The Polyblocks are stacked on ground bars that also incorporate the threads. The upper end of all construction blocks consists of ring beams for a form-fit connection with the last block row. 


Youth Skills

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Building on a solid foundation.

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