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Our Work

At Fountain Gate Crafts and Trades, we believe in hands-on, practical experiences that will lead to life-changing moments for everyone in the community. This is why we lead by example to make affordable and sustainable projects for the basis of our community, the household.


Solar Cooling

As cool as that might sound, it gets even cooler when the sun is out.

Click here to find out more about this project.


Green Fish Breeding

If you thought that soya pieces were the only thing that should be fed to fish to make them grow better, look at these other organic methods.


Organic Gardening

Let not your heart be weary of eating fresh green and leafy vegetables, these ones come without any chemicals included in them, all green. Take a sneak peek.


Solar Toilet

Yes, we even went there. Hassle-free, solar panel free, and extremely healthy for the environment and your children. Don't look inside, get the information here.

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