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A school that is training for the industry needs the support of industry. You can support and use the school in 3 different ways:


1: Apprenticeship Partner


2: Scholarship Sponsor


3: Training Partner


For the students to be properly prepared for the reality of industry, they need exposure. That exposure will give them the necessary and important context of what they learn at the Trades School. That is best achieved by attaching the students to companies over the course of their training. This will also allow the company to get to know the students over time and to better decide if the respective student is “a fit” for their organization.


The basis of the course is a 2-year craft certificate, at the moment only in Power Electrical and Brick Laying /Form Works (official government curriculum). The program runs over 6 terms of 4 months over two years, in which the students will have a one-month break in the fourth month of each term. 


During that school break – except the last term break towards the end of the second year (for preparation for the final TEVETA Exam) – the students will be with a dedicated company to gain practical experience and exposure. 


 After the two years, the students will then sit for the TEVETA Certificate exams (official government certificate) after which he/she will gain more practical experience for 6 months with the same company. The students will then go through an industrial assessment by ABCEC after which the successful students will get an ABCEC / industry endorsement (overall Heroes) about their true abilities.


If you are interested in being part of this exciting process, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gelson N Maluma (


The stress the importance of building up vocational skills in Zambia, ABCEC was fortunate to receive support by his Excellency, the first president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.


Dr. Kaunda graces our scholarship scheme with his name, to point out the importance of skills training for the further development of the Republic of Zambia. The idea is, that Zambian and international Companies can pool their support under the umbrella of his Excellency’s Scholarship – The Kenneth Kaunda Vocational Training Scholarship and associate themselves to this good cause.


The Scholarship is currently exclusively for Zambian Youth to access the 2-year Craft Certificate courses at Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades School.

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