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Electrical Technology

Electrical technology studies machines, equipment, and systems that conduct electrical charges and produce electricity. Professionals in the electrical technology field maintain electric voltage systems and their parts, such as heaters, motors, circuits, and generators.

Electrical Technology: Powering Modern Life

Electrical technology is a crucial area of study for anyone interested in understanding and harnessing the power of electricity. Learning about electrical technology can help individuals develop a deeper understanding of how electrical systems work and how they can be used to power everything from household appliances to industrial machinery. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in the electrical industry or simply want to expand your knowledge of this important field, studying electrical technology is a smart choice that can open up a world of opportunities and possibilities.

Programme Name
Tuition Fee Per Term
Entry Qualifications
Craft Certificate
K 4,900
2 Years
Full Grade 12 Certificate with 5 passes including English, Mathematics, and Science.
Trade Test I
K 4,900
1 Year
Grade 12 Certificate with at least one pass in Science or Mathematics
Trade Test II
K 4,900
6 Months
Grade 9 Certificate
Trade Test III
K 4,900
3 Months
Open Entry

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